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Sire: Renegade
Dam:  Tweet This
Stress: Negative

Off-Season Semen Price: $500/Dose

Bred by: Austin & Cody Cox

Champion Cross Boar - 2017 WPX $225,000

This wide-belted boar didn’t just win Expo, he walked away with it! Many times, champion boars either have the most good or are the best balanced or are the most extreme. But 225K does all that and drives off all four like few ever have. This Champion is the most naturally up-headed one you will find. Many boars have been trained to drive with their head up, but it’s not natural. And when those boars crank their head up, some other part of their skeleton suffers. Not with 225K! This tall-fronted boar charges out of the pen each and every time with an unparalleled high head carriage and a flawless structure. He places all four within his body and uses only forward correct movement. His topline is level and gives a crisp turned back that hooks perfectly both at the blade and hip. 225K is a masculine-featured individual that is stout and large in his bone work with awesome, big, square feet and toes. Center mass is exceptional and he carries extra depth back into his flank. It was difficult to find a picture that could do him justice. And it is impossible to overstate the confidence we have in the potential of this boar to move the next generation forward. 225K is as good as you have heard and is even better in person. Looking to dominate with a market hog, breeding gilt or boar prospect? You can bet 225K will have a major impact next summer. He is literally worth every dollar!

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