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Barn Talk

EN: 15-3
Registration: 492770003

Sire: No Debate 18-8
Dam: Outlaw (Grand Gilt 2015 IN State Fair)

Off-Season Semen Price: $100Dose

Stress: Negative

Bred by: Harvey Show Stock

$21,000 Grand Champion Boar - 2016 IN State Fair

Today’s trend or the barn talk is all about how tall shouldered or how long necked or how sharp fronted you can find one. That trend is fine, but many who picked that kind had to make a sacrifice in base width or rib shape. Why do that? Barn Talk will be an architect for that trend.  He is tall, long and cool fronted.   However he will be supreme because he will add blade width and that optimal spring and shape to rib that we cannot give away. Over the years we have bred or housed some of the most influential Hampshire boars and we feel Bark Talk will take his place near the top of that list.

Barn Talk's mom was the Grand Gilt @ 2015 IN State Fair. She was from a powerful litter and is a bold powerhouse herself. When you drop Barn Talk out of his pen he throws his head up high and can flat out motor with a flawless set off all four. This highly aggressive narrow belted breed changer combines that trendy look with all the center mass and rib shape you can put in one and still keep them extra sound and correct. So if you want that trendy elevation and look but can’t give up power or center rib, don’t just talk about it. Let Barn Talk do the talking for you!


Grand Gilt - 2015 Indiana State Fair
Dam of Barn Talk

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