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Blind Ambition

Blind Ambition

EN: 6-7
Registration #: 495404007

Sire: IR
Dam:  Real Tree
Stress: Negative

Off-Season Semen Price: $75/Dose

Bred by: Austin Joostberns

Grand Champion Boar - 2017 STC $30,000

The Grand boar at Louisville was an easy choice and an even easier decision to add to the line up here at Hi Point. Blind Ambition has all the characteristics everyone is talking about today.  He is extended, has extra length of neck and face and has a fluid flexible skeleton that allows him to be super-free and mobile off all four. His blade is set correctly on the outer portion of his ribcage and laid back to let him take a long stride off his front end. Blind Ambition has his spine set deeply and loosely and that gives him the agility to travel with comfort. His blade and rib is the best we have seen in a Joostberns boar and his top matches that center width and also permits him to go away with more power. The build off his rear two matches the front from a soundness standpoint. His hip is long and his rear leg is big, with clean, flat joints. This stout herd boar is sired by IR who is a full sib to The Game. The Joostberns family felt IR was even ahead of The Game, who just sired the top three Hampshire gilts at the 2017 WPX JR Show. If you want to make progress across the board and keep the skeleton right, we have the answer for you.   Want to win?  Don’t just settle for ambition.  Add some Blind Ambition and start making Hampshires better!

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