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Blue Haze

Blue Haze

Blue Haze

Sire: C'Mon
Dam:  It’s All Good X Dumbo
Stress: Negative

Off-Season Semen Price: $75/Dose

The traditional light Cross is either solid white or almost solid blue.  This C’MON son slides in between those two color choices, but that is the only place this one is middle-of-the-road. Blue Haze is a boxy, stout build herd boar that is very unique in his design with an ultra-level back and rump and a sweet tail head placement. This bold-shouldered beast is a notch sharper-fronted that his picture and still offers that look. Blue Haze is wide in his center with a fat top and a cool hip that is level, long and deep-tying. This is a mobile, sure-footed prospect that can stride out and plants all four square. Blue Haze is out of a gilt litter.  This litter had several successful littermates show this summer, and his dam is a stout-legged, attractive-fronted female that we believe will be one we can build around. Stout and mobile with a neat extra level design, and the ability to sire belts -  both blue and black - will make you want to stick several to Blue Haze!

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