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Breed Em All

Breed Em All

Breed Em All

EN: 2-8
Registration #: 496535008

Sire: Carried Away
Dam:  Homemade 45-1(Littermate to Homemade 17-3&4)
Stress: Negative

Off-Season Semen Price: $100Dose

It never gets tiresome to talk about good hogs. However, when you read the same story over and over, you question the accuracy. We have tried to make hogs right by focusing on skeleton and as much rib, muscle and bone as we could pack in them. We have fixated on Hampshires that are powerful, stout-boned and attractive for many, many years here in Chrisman Illinois. Over the past several years we have bred or added a handful of boars that have led the breed, siring champions or laying on the bottom side of many more. We believe we have constructed one that will take his place at the front of the line. Bred Em All is not perfect but if you want to talk about one that is square built, with a tall shoulder, excellent bone and a phenomenal look, you have found the one to Breed Em All. The wide-belt has been a bell ringer from day one and if you need or want to add this one, hi is that kind that will move you off center and get you there quickly. There are a number of boars you may want to bred one or two with, but seldom do they come along like this guy that makes you say, “Let’s Breed Em All!”

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