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Carry On
Carry On

Ear Notch: 21-1
Registration #: 487675001

Sire: Colibob
Dam: Augusta

DOB: 9-10-13

Bred by: Jerry McLemore
Owned by:
Keith & Brian Lambright, Hi Point Swine Genetics and Jerry McLemore

Off-Season Semen Price: $75/Dose

While at Duncan Keith Lambright called us and said we need to get to Jerry’s and look at this Hampshire boar. That decision turned out to be one of the best calls we have ever answered. Jerry McLemore has bred some of the most dominate boars that have influenced Hampshires and crosses over a longer duration than almost any breeder today. If you have ever looked up the most influential Hampshire boars that have advanced the breed, they have the JLM herdmark in front of their pedigree.  What makes Carry On extra special is Jerry swore that Carry On would never leave Ninnekah, OK because he is “The Best One I Have Ever Raised!” 

Carry On is as unique as they come. He is moderate in his build, but tall fronted. When he raises his head, he runs uphill with an ultra-stout, cocky look through his head. Carry On sets down on an immense foot with widespread, extra-large toes and has thick legs with wide set dewclaws.  We already talked about his stout head and the rest of the skeleton also matches that structure with a massive blade and a large root to his tail. Carry On has a 55 gallon barrel for his rib and center body with a super full flank and will be an apex boar in terms of generating that center mass.

We may have saved the best trait for last and that is soundness or correctness of build. Carry On is ideal in his angle and set to his shoulder. He reaches out of his blade with a long true stride. His spine is set deep and allows him to be flexible and loose in his neck blade hook up and strong down his top to connect correctly at his ham-loin junction. He is set wide and square in his rump and has perfect placement to his rear leg. He is ideal in his set to his pasterns off both ends! Carry On travels with ease and gives you that stout, cocky look as he just floats off both ends and can eat any surface with comfort.

We believe along with Jerry that Carry On will be as potent Hampshire breeding boar to come along in some time, but we feel that his biggest contribution will be making crosses better. Carry On offers us a purebred option that can generate structure and mass like any cross available. We get too many calls about cross sows that just don’t click or generate how they look. We know there is a large group of young breeders that have never considered using a pure to make their crosses, but this is where Carry On, a line bred pure, can help from a CONSISTANCY standpoint to make the next generation better. The line bred pedigree is right and his phenotype is overpowering. We feel we have found one that will be an industry advancer and Carry On the rich tradition of the JLM herdmark making pure or crosses! CARRY ON!!!

Carry On
Carry On
Pictured at 6 months
Carry On
Pictured at 6 months

Carry On
"Carry On" - picture taken @ 14 months of age after breeding season.
Study his bone work, feet and toes.


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