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Chrome Shop

Chrome Shop

Chrome Shop

Sire: Chasin' Fame
Dam: Big Motor x Caveman
Stress: Negative

Semen Price: $250/Dose
Overrun Semen Price: $150/Dose

Chasin’ Fame was the popular class winner from Louisville last year. He has had a great summer in terms of winners and has made a lot of customers happy because he sires solidly-built, attractive show pigs that can go and function. Those same traits make Chrome Shop a must use!  He is impeccable in his blade set and squareness up front.  He is jet-level and has a long, loose-hinged hip. He is very elevated, yet is even bigger-bodied than the picture shows. Chrome Shop opens up through all portions of his skeleton and goes away wide, which matches his thickness down his top and through is front end. His dam is a unique female we laid in at the 2014 WPX.  He was shown by the Jerod Landry Family and was bred by Jason Lackey.  She was ahead of her time - taller fronted, yet very square, with a barrel rib. This female has generated a lot of dollars and those prospects have won. Looking for that fancy-fronted, tall-shouldered boar that still has stoutness and looks like a boar?  It’s time to add a little Chrome!  So just plan on stopping at the CHROME SHOP.

Chrome Shop
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