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First Aid

First Aid

First Aid

EN: 15-1
Registration #: 48495001

Sire: First Sight
Dam:  Purple Rain x Perfect Storm (Vickrey gilt that was Reserve Champion @ WPX & Team Purebred 2014)
Stress: Carrier

Off-Season Semen Price: $75/Dose

Bred by: Kent Brattain Family

We had tried to purchase this February boar prospect all spring. The Brattain wanted to keep feeding this one because they felt he was the best Poland they have ever started. When you think about fundamental build and bone, those are two of the biggest places the Poland breed can use some help. First Aid is the man to do that! He is very smooth and loose in his spine. The deep set of the spine between his blades helps to open up the top side of his skeleton and lets him start out square out of his blade loin junction. He then takes that advantage down a square top and back into a level, correct rump. First Aid has a model rear leg set with the proper angles that are right and have clean, flat joints. All four feet have wideset toes and dewclaws with ideal set to his pasterns. His mother was shown by the Jerod Landry Family and had a successful run in Louisiana. His grandmother was shown by Dalaney Vickrey and was 4th overall 2014 WPX and Reserve Champion @2014 Team Purebred Jr National. Backed by two show gilts with the build and look, adds to the aid. First Aid’s legs and feet have stout, flat bone, his blade is big, and the forehead is wide. That look of a macho herd boar really comes through on this one. If you need to fix and add structure, you need to get some FIRST AID!


Grandmother of First Aid

Littermate to First Aid
3rd Overall Gilt & Champion Poland Gilt
2017 Tulsa State Fair
Shown by Tyler Norvell Family

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