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Hard Core

Sire: C'Mon
Dam: Tribute X Big Stick X Toxic 28-3 (Stanky Legs mom)

Stress: Negative
Bred by: Grinstead Show Team

Off-Season Semen Price: $50/Dose

We believe Hard Core along with his brother, Just Saying begin the next step that will take Hi Point Genetics and our customers to backdrop time and time again. We are pumped about the potential this pair of genetic powerhouses have to offer. Their dam -Stanky Legs mom- is a freak in terms of generating bone, the right length of body, and body shape, along with elevation of front. Hard Core, like his sire, C’MOM is dense-boned with a thick skull, huge blade and giant legs. His feet are big but his pasterns are secure and his gait off all four is impeccable. We want to emphasis that soundness- Hard Core is the truest and squarest off his rear two in the entire stud. That’s’ Hard Core!



Dam of Hard Core


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