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It's All Good

Sire: Bone Thug
Dam: Deep Threat x Batman

Stress: Negative
Bred by: Eric Polich

Off-Season Semen Price: $50/Dose

$60,000 Crossbred Boar - 2014 WPX

When you love one at the show and then bring them home and see them get better everyday and see their weakness become a strength then you know "It's all Good"!!! This was a popular boar at WPX because of his bone and his ideal set to his rear hock with an ultra-flexible rear leg but now It's All Good has massed up and opened up in his blade and knee is thicker bodied and still maintains those ideal angles. If you are looking to make the next generation sounder and more flexible but add the bone and power to compete at the highest level then relax because we have the answer and IT'S ALL GOOD!!!



Reserve Champion Crossbred Gilt - 2014 Iowa State Fair
Littermate to It's All Good
Bred by Eric Polich - Shown by Kade Polich


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