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Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned

EN: 1-7
Registration #: 607316007

Sire: Buzz Saw
Dam: Stand Out X Dog Knot X I Got It
Stress: Negative

Semen Price: $75/Dose ALL DAY

Bred by: Malia & Cheyla Wrd

When you go to a hog show you need to pay attention all the time. Some hogs are missed, some hogs are found but the buying public may not see the value. In Louisville, Willie Kirkpatrick sorted the Yorkshires, was on his A game and found the best ones drive after drive. In class five, the Ward family brought 3 prospects - all brothers - that offered some very unique parts. We hear a lot of judges talk about height and build with added look and the ability to go and drive off all four. That is exactly what Willie and we saw in these uniquely-built boars. The dam of Lessons Learned is a littermate to mother of the Hair Nation boar the Ward family sold. Back another generation sits the Dog Knot sow that was 3rd at Tulsa a few years back. Like his mates, Lessons Learned offers wild extension and head carriage wrapped up in a sound and pliable package. Yorkshires need to function and drive off all four and be the mother breed that can offer extra.   These factors, along with his added skeletal quality and design, make us feel this guy will school the competition - Lessons Learned.

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