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Locked In

Locked In

Sire: Lock It Up
Dam: Bone Thug x Unrated
Stress: Negative

Semen Price: $300/Dose
Overrun Semen Price: $200/Dose

Bred by: Weisinger Farms

We had heard how good the set of pigs was at Weisinger Farms and we knew about their ability to produce some of the best generating boars so those factors made it a must-stop destination. When Nathan Weisinger dropped this one out of his pen he was high-headed with a stout look and we were Locked In. The trip went above and beyond our expectations.  We found a breeding boar that not only hit the trend but has the structure and skeleton to make countless champions no matter the direction we are headed. This stout-legged prospect is tall at the shoulder with a great angle to his blade and hock and he is up on his pastern. Locked In has an excellent ribcage with extra shape through the upper rib and blade and this allows him to have a massive ditch-grooved back. Locked In is very secure and sound-footed and can be termed a problem-free, complete herd boar that will elevate the next generation.

We have included four pictures of littermates to Locked In that have hung a lot of banners. The Allen Family showed a blue butted littermate barrow that was 3rd overall at the 2017 WPX. Nolan Hoge drove a belted littermate gilt to finish Res Champion division 4 at this year’s WPX. Bella Herrera from CA drove a blue littermate barrow to take the Yolo Co. Fair in CA. The fourth mate was shown by Ella Weisinger and was a multiple time Jackpot Champion in the IA circuit.

The dam of Locked In (Bone Thug x Unrated) was the Reserve Grand gilt overall at the Illinois State fair in 2014. This sow along with her mother have been the cornerstone at Weisinger Farms. The Bone Thug X Unrated sow had a litter of Visionary’s. The females from that litter generated 2 boars in Studs and the Reserve barrow at the 2017 WPX. If you are looking to make winners, the bottom side is stacked even deeper!  The Unrated Grand dam of Locked In is the mother of the Third overall gilt at the 2014 WPX. The Weisinger family turned down $40,000 @ WPX for that Unrated sow and named her “Frosty.”  She raised the 2015 champion cross gilt at Perry Georgia and she also placed a boar in a major Stud.

A packed pedigree with proven generators, a deep litter that has hung banners and a phenotype that excites everyone will take you to the backdrop. It’s time to get Locked in!

Littermates to Locked In:

Hi Point winner
Hi Point winner

3rd Overall Crossbred Barrow
2017 World Pork Expo

Reserve Division IV Crossbred Gilt
2017 World Pork Expo




Hi Point winner
Hi Point winner

Many Time Jackpot Champion
2017 Iowa Show Circuit

2017 Yolo County Fair

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