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Off the Grid

Off the Grid

EN: 71-2
Registration #: 164113002

Sire: Loud Mouth
Dam: Renaissance
Stress: Negative

Off-Season Semen Price: $50/Dose

Bred by: Weisinger Farms

Our trip to Weisinger Farms was a win win for Hi Point Genetic.  Not only did we come back home with an elite crossbred boar (Locked In), but we were also able to talk Nathan into letting this guy go before Expo.  Off the Grid is a unique prospect in terms of combining mass and flexibility.  This burly prospect has good length of head but he is built more like a power hog in terms of blade set and width. He is super robust in his center cavity and that mass is three dimensional in its breath. Off the Grid has matching width at the ground and takes an easy, free stride. He is up on his pasterns and has good curvature to his forearm.  His rear hock angle is that ideal 45 degree and his rear pastern is correct as well. This powerhouse came from a deep litter that included Hunter Langholff’s spot gilt that was 5th overall at WPX and 4th overall at the Team Purebred show in Springfield.  We are all striving to make better hogs - no matter the trend or the whim of the judge. When you have them built right and have added mass laid on that skeleton, you will always be in the hunt at the end of the day. The quickest path to winning will take you OFF THE GRID!

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