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Pirate Style

Pirate Style

Sire: C'Mon
Dam:  Bandit X Coulson sow (littermate to Houston Grand and the clone C’MON)
Stress: Negative

Semen Price: $75/Dose ALL DAY

From day one this was a thick-legged, up-headed prospect that we knew we had to feed out. This jerk-necked phenom is still wide-chested with extra pop to his top and blade and that allows him to enjoy a robust rib, and control his wide back. He is very right and balanced through his rump and plants his rear two very well. Typical for his sire C’MON, this young stud had all kinds of bone starting with a stout skull a wide eye and ear set. His blades are massive and the root of his tail tells us he will be a real stouty when he matures. Just to help the ship set sail, his dam is a Bandit, Daughter out of the Coulson sow that was a littermate to the Grand barrow at Houston and the clones of C’MON - American Bad Boy and Bad Man. Want bone and look and the agility to travel?  Take the competition with Pirate Style!

Pirate Style
Grandmother of Pirate Style
Pirate Style
Mother of Pirate Style is littermate to Houston Grand
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