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Solid Ground

Solid Ground

Solid Ground

EN: 2-1
Registration #: 387368001

Sire: New Direction
Dam:  Impressive x Off Label 15-3 x King
Stress: Negative

Off-Season Semen Price: $75/Dose

Bred by: Swartzentruber Genetics

Reserve Champion Duroc Boar STC $13,000

People may not always agree on where to draw the line, however Hi Point Genetics was real comfortable when we studied this guy’s potential and we felt we were on Solid Ground. This tall-fronted, great-necked boar was maybe the widest-chested Duroc we had seen out this year. He truly runs uphill and his blade is set super-wide with a massive blade loin junction that allows him to have a huge rib. He is square-backed with a wide, long rump that has all kinds of muscle draped properly and deep on the inner and outer portions of his stifle. Solid Ground is a good-footed herd boar that has massive legs and is manly in his skull. We loved the way he would strut and go and keep his head up high while still having that power we like. That’s only part of the story! If you don’t want to hear about a sow family that has proven it can get the job done, stop reading. Solid Ground’s dam (Impressive X off Label 15-3 x King) was raised by Carpenter Creek Genetics. Solid Ground’s granddam ({18-3} - Off Label 15-3 X King) Bred by Olson Farms was purchased by Carpenter Creek (Jordan Gentry). Jordan went to Olson farms in search of a foundation female. Blain Olson believed that 18-3 was that breeding piece to build around. Blane described 18-3 as the sow maker of the litter and had great faith in her ability to produce. The 18-3 sow came from a really deep litter that grossed over $25,000. From that litter, came the 4th Overall Duroc Gilt at the 2015 WPX for the Burnett Family. The mother of this sow (King great granddam) is a mate to the Reserve Overall and Champion Duroc Gilt at the WPX and the Grand Barrow at the NJSS in 2013. The King sow in the pedigree produced the 3rd Overall Gilt at the 2014 WPX, the Champion Duroc Barrow at 2015 Ft. Worth, and the Champion Duroc Gilt at 2015 San Antonio. She is also the mother of Can't Stop and Won't Stop. The King sow is also the mother of Olsen’s STC Champion Duroc Boar and Olson’s Res Champion Duroc Gilt in the NJSS show at Louisville. Talk about a sow family with a line that just keeps on generating!

In the end, this one might be on the edge. But if you want to make a change and reach out into winning territory, come stand with us on SOLID GROUND!

Solid Ground
Grandmother of Solid Ground
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