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Stanky Leg

Stanky Leg

Stanky Leg

Sire: It's All Good
Dam: Tribute X Big Stick X Toxic 28-3

Off-Season Semen Price: $50/Dose

Stress: Negative

Bred by:
Grinstead Show Team

Champion Overall Male - Field of Dreams Pig Sale 2015
Top Selling $10,000

We named this champion prospect Stanky Leg mid-summer for two reasons.  First, his legs are enormous and secondly, they are a little Stanky-because he sustained and injury in June that left us in a position where we were unable to show him to customers. However, that did not stop us from breeding him to a handful of our best!  And by the way these pigs look, we should have bred him to a lot more. Stanky leg is awesome in his chest floor and takes that width through the top of his skeleton. He is one of the tallest-shouldered, neatest-fronted boars in the stud. What adds to his quality is his perfect length of body (a rib shorter) and exemplary curvature to his rib. If you are looking to add structure with the right body mass and length while achieving that high-headed showring presence, you will need to do the Stanky Leg!


Dam of Stanky Leg

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