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Talk Later

Talk Later

EN: 2-3
Registration #: 496656003

Sire: Barn Talk
Dam: Carry On x No Debate
Stress: Negative

Semen Price: $75/Dose ALL DAY

Bred by: Mark Long

The first Barn Talk son we have added is definitely different!  The narrow-belted boar is as big and soft-bodied as you can build one. He is deep-hearted, full in his rib and has more depth and fill from navel to flank. This bulky-made breeding boar came from the heart of the Mark Long sow herd with the 18-10 sow and the 44 litter Black Oak sow in his pedigree. Mark Long has sold some of the best breeding boars in the Hampshire business over the last few decades and we feel this bred-in predictability only enhances his chances of generating winners come next summer. We can talk all day long but many times it takes breeders who want to step out and make a change or build a program with hogs that have this kind of mass and power. Let’s Talk Later and solve problems now.  Let’s make Hampshire that win at any level with this kind of Power and mass that is soft and set correctly on a wide, sure set skeleton.  We will be talking about winning – put Talk Later to work for you now!  

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