Full $100 | OVERRUN $75

Sire: Brother Love
Dam: Dirty Secret x Stanky Leg

Bred by: Hi Point

*Popular $40,000 Perfect Timing Entry*

We knew from the time that he hit the chips, we had been dealt a special hand with 21-9 (BLACKJACK)! BLACKJACK has continued to be unique each day of his life, never failing to wow us! The dam of BLACKJACK is one of two Dirty Secret sows here at Hi Point and would be a littermate to the 3 rd Overall Crossbred Barrow at the 2019 Exposition exhibited by the Rash Family. With the confidence that we have had in BLACKJACK from the start, we have already exposed him to two dozen sows and will continue to double down!

BLACKJACK is the kind that you have to see to believe. There is no photo or video that could begin to do this unique animal justice. From nose to tail, BLACKJACK is a standout. BLACKJACK runs uphill with a tall shoulder and latches high into his blade. He is extremely long necked but still remains ultra-stout in his skull and jaw, creating an unforgettable show look. BLACKJACK is short in length with a crisp back but remains long and square through his hip. He carries that power and squareness to the ground, coming and going like a Mack truck. When BLACKJACK hits the surface, he does so with big feet and huge, shaggy limbs. There is no poker face here, BLACKJACK is sure to deal you a winning hand!