BEU 12-1

BREED EM UP x THe process

FULL: $150 | OVERRUN: $100

EN: 12-1
Registration #: 509076001

Sire: Breed Em Up
Dam: The Process
Stress: Negative

  Bred by: Hi Point Genetics

BREED EM UP 12-1 comes out of an extremely deep crop of Breed Em Up offspring! Siring all of the quality that we expected and then some, Breed Em Up generated an impressive group of Januarys and Februarys this past sale season. BREED EM UP 12-1 is out of one of the few Process sows here in Chrisman! This female was named the Champion Hampshire Gilt at the 2018 Southeast Regional in Perry, Georgia, exhibited by Bowen Bussing. BREED EM UP 12-1 is backed by champions on both sides of his pedigree! From the day that this guy came out of the nursery, we felt extremely confident in his future! First and foremost, BREED EM UP 12-1 offers a great deal of reach and athleticism on the go. Like his sire, he is super elevated through his front 1/3, but still opens up with a wide and true chest floor. BREED EM UP 12-1 offers a unique amount of scale, while maintaining all of the extra pieces in terms of base width, rib cage, and stoutness of feature. BREED EM UP AGAIN!