Yellowstone x cheap money

FULL: $150 | OVERRUN: $75

EN: 20-7
Registration # 409395007

Sire: Yellowstone
Dam: Cheap Money
Stress: Negative

Littermate gilt was $5500 top selling gilt at 2020 SWTC

Bred by: Hi Point

The Enforcer is a rugged powerhouse! This Duroc stud is a full sibling to the Reserve Champion Duroc Gilt and Top 5 Overall Supreme Gilt at the Illinois State Fair in 2019. He is also a full sibling to RIP housed at Heimer Hampshires. The littermate sister to the Enforcer was the $5,500 Top Selling Duroc Gilt at the 2020 SWTC. His mother is a Cheap Money sow that would have been the Top Selling Duroc Gilt in 2018 at the WTC that we would have purchased from the Sticklers. This female goes back to their $15,000 purchase from Thompson Bros. at the WTC a few years before! ENFORCE power, ENFORCE pedigree, ENFORCE success!