NEVER BEFORE x Thoroughbred

FULL: $100 | OVERRUN: $50

Sire: Never Before
Dam: Thoroughbred
Stress: Negative

Bred by: Cox Show Team

$10,000 Purchase from The Draft

Never Say Never was an exciting crossbred purchase from The Draft! We absolutely loved Never Before who has made a most impact in the show ring thus far. With that being said, we were bound and determined to put another Never Before son into stud. There was no passing up Never Say Never! He is the Never Before son that we were looking for AND THEN SOME! He is extremely stout featured in terms of his feet, legs, and skull. No matter what angle you study him from, Never Say Never is one dense, bulky rascal! He is impressive up high with a big, square back that transitions down into a barrel-sized rib cage. This density is carried through from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail. Like his sire, this young stud offers combinations of extreme traits that have very rarely been seen! If you thought it was impossible to make a freak like this, NEVER SAY NEVER!