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Crossbred – (End Game x Rockstar).

Bred by: Steve Harvey Family.

Owned with: Ottenwalter and Genetic Force Showpigs.

$50,000 Private Treaty Purchase.

Purchased privately from Steve Harvey and Family this spring, COAST TO COAST was a must have! This End Game son is an absolute creature. COAST TO COAST is a power hog that comes and goes as wide and genuine as what one can only dream. He carries this same impenetrable width COAST TO COAST, from his nose to his tail! He is thick skulled with a stout jaw, extremely dense caged, and possesses incredible curvature down his loin. COAST TO COAST motors with a great big hip and hind leg, handling all of the power that he packs into the ideal length of body. COAST TO COAST has roots across the country! Owned with Ottenwalter Show Pigs in California and Genetic Force Show Pigs in Ohio, COAST TO COAST will have his presence felt from the East to the West. Both End Game and Rockstar have left an incredible mark in the show ring across the country, and we feel that COAST TO COAST can do the same! Join us in making winners from COAST TO COAST!

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