Big ticket x high country

Full $100 | OVERRUN $75

EN: 41-2
Registration #: 648417002

Sire: Big Ticket
Dam: High Country
Stress: Negative

PRIVATE RYAN is backed with a bullet proof pedigree! The dam of PRIVATE RYAN is a High Country x Prophet female that was Champion Yorkshire Gilt and 5th Overall at the Illinois State Fair in 2017. This sow is the mother of $30,000 Hot Take, the 6th Overall Yorkshire Gilt at OYE in 2020, and the 7th Overall Yorkshire Gilt at OYE in 2021. The same sow is also the mother of Avery Rash’s Champion Yorkshire and Grand Overall Gilt at the 2019 NJSA NJSS. We were extremely excited to have the opportunity to purchase PRIVATE RYAN off of the farm from Lance just on pedigree alone, but there is zero doubt in our mind that this boar is a must see! PRIVATE RYAN glides across the surface with great ease and comfort, while coming and going with the width of a tank. He combines the flashy, show ring build with tremendous raw power on the topside of his skeleton. The search is over, we found PRIVATE RYAN!