Sire: Genesis
Dam: ReRoute x Bear 84
Stress: Negative

Bred by: Coulson (CSP)

We would like to start by thanking Coulson Showpigs for the opportunity to bring THE BUTCHER back to Chrisman, Illinois! Stopping in at the Coulson’s on our trip home from Texas this fall was one of the best decisions we could have made. After seeing THE BUTCHER walk out of the barn for the first time, we knew he was a must have! This is the creature that we could have only dreamt of finding for not only our own herd, but to offer to the public! THE BUTCHER is a MUST SEE! As a mature boar, there is no guesswork to be done here and THE BUTCHER is available now! Call for pricing and to book your order today!

“THE BUTCHER comes from one of the best young sows in Warwick. She herself is a littermate to the Reserve Champion Hampshire Barrow at Tulsa in 2018, shown by Jordan Shepherd. Her first litter grossed $15,000 and included the Reserve Champion Hampshire Barrow at Tulsa in 2019 for the Hooper Family. In her second litter, this sow produced the 4th Overall Division 1 Crossbred at Tulsa in 2020 and THE BUTCHER! THE BUTCHER has always defied nature in terms of his bone work, rib, extra appetite, and overall stoutness. What makes him so unique is to be this heavy structured, but still exotic about his head and neck. With all of this power, he remains comfortable with great pasterns. We are thrilled to offer you THE BUTCHER and could not be more confident in his ability to generate.” – Evan Green