TINK tink x radical


EN: 10-2
Registration #: 166012002

Sire: Tink Tink
Dam: Radical x Top Gun
Stress: Negative

Bred by: Kent Brattain and Family

TWO POPS is another boar out of the Brattain firm that is backed with banners! The dam of TWOPOPS was Hannah Seymore’s 3rd Overall Berkshire Gilt at Kansas City in 2018 that then went on to be 3rd Overall Berkshire Gilt at the Arizona National. Along with this, TWO POPS littermates went on to be named Champion Berkshire at the Cherokee County Livestock Show and Champion Berkshire in Maricopa, Arizona.

You best grab TWO POPS, sit down, and study this one! TWO POPS is a killer from the side as he is extremely elevated in his front one-third, high headed, and still deep in terms of his forerib. TWO POPS is heavy structured with big limbs and a stout skull. If you like your Berks flashy from the side, sound, and stout featured, then reach into the freezer and grab TWO POPS!