THink about it 31-2 x date night

Full Price: $250
Overrun: $150

EN: 28-1
Registration #: 513314001

Stress: Negative

Sire: Think About It 31-2
Dam: Date Night (Dam of Viper and Ice)

Bred by: Hi Point Genetics

She did it again!!! This time around we elected to mate the Date Night sow to Think About It 31-2 to generate a unique outcross pedigree. The product of this mating – VICE – is an outcross to all Top Gun/Danger Zone and Chatter/Hands Down. As a half brother to Viper and Ice, VICE is one of the most unique boars of any breed here at Hi Point. Look in here as VICE is an amazing, must see boar, and with a different pedigree!